Clear Blue Standard
the fundamental.

The "Clear Blue Standard" offers great quality for the best price. One of the best industrial, versatile and protective mats available. Flexible, transparent, liquid-tight and with a mirror-smooth surface. A stable product for many years to protect your goods and tools.

Clear Blue


Basic product
  • - Best price
  • - Great quality
  • - Several thicknesses
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Topmatsxxl Best price
Best price
The "Standard" is the protective mat with the lowest price per m2.
Topmatsxxl Great Quality
Great Quality
The mats are used daily by thousands of customers worldwide. Often for years.
Topmatsxxl 4 thicknesses
4 thicknesses
The 'Standard' protection mat is available in 3, 4, 5 and 7mm thickness.
Topmatsxxl Custom size and XXL
Custom size and XXL
All mats are cut to the desired size up to a maximum of 20 meters long.
Topmatsxxl Mute effect
Mute effect
The mats reduce contact noise and provide a more pleasant working environment.
Topmatsxxl Liquid-tight
The surface is liquid-tight and resistant to almost all chemical liquids.
  • Standard



Topmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thickness Topmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thickness
3 mm
Domestic use.
Painting, modeling, tickering, DIY. Good impact-noise reduction. Non-cutting.
Not available in 'Standard'
Topmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thickness Topmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thickness
4 mm
Light industrial use.
Assembling, DIY, semi-professional. Better impact-noise reduction. Not recommended for (manual) cutting.
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Topmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thickness Topmatsxxl thickness
5 mm
Heavy industrial use.
Cutting tables, applicator tables, work benches, professional use. Best impact-noise reduction. Suitable for cutting, reversible.
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most sold
Topmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thicknessTopmatsxxl thickness
7 mm
Extreme industrial use.
Cutting tables, applicator tables, work benches, professional use. Stunning impact-noise reduction. Suitable for cutting, reversible.
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Nothing more, nothing less. In a hightech extrusion process granulates are melted and squeezed through a mold. The result is a solid mat.
This is a non-phthalate plasticizer. An organic compound with the formula C6H4 2. The result is harmless, soft and flexible PVC. download sheet.
Stabilizers and anti-oxidants. For example to prevent discoloration due to UV radiation. The result is stable product, for many years.
For example dyes or odors. We added a fresh blue dye, because we want our mats to look good. The result is a fresh look and feel.



A+ score (ISO16000-9)
We have had our mats tested by SGS Sercovam (France) according to the standard ISO16000-9 “Air Indoor”. These tests were performed using an emissions test chamber, in a controlled environment and under stable conditions, after 3 and 28 days. The result was a -knocking- highest score possible: A+.

The emission levels of volatile substances in the indoor air, which pose a risk of inhalation, are classified on a scale from Class A + (very low emissions) to C (high emissions).
No harming phthalates
Soft PVC is a complex material. “Phthalates” are often added for better softness and flexibility. We are aware that some phthalates do have a bad reputation, when it comes to possibly harming health and environment. These risks are attached to the DEHP and DINP type of phthalates. To avoid any health discussions, all our mats are produced with harmless DOTP plasticizers. No discussion. Problem solved.

The original

Often imitated, never duplicated

We are proud of what we do. Probably just like you. After years of investing, researching and developing we finally feel like we've reached the pinnacle of quality in protective mats. 'TopmatsXXL' equals 'quality'. It's as simple as that. We added a subtle quality stamp to the mats. As a proof that you - as a proud craftman - are only dealing with the best. Don't settle for less.