for resellers/OEM.

Have you ever considered selling our mats?
Topmatsxxl.com is not "just" the best supplier of industrial protective mats. We're also the full-service partner for resellers/OEM worldwide, with a unique set of solutions. We take complete care, from cut-to-size production to door-to-door delivery.
You seal the deal, we take care of the rest.

Topmatsxxl Exclusive 'Frosted' product
Exclusive 'Frosted' product
The fantastic 'Frosted' is a product developed exclusively for Topmatsxxl.
Topmatsxxl Full worldwide fulfilment
Full worldwide fulfilment
We buy, stock, produce, pack and ship worldwide.
Topmatsxxl High-end digital connectivity
High-end digital connectivity
We offer extensive plug and play digital connectivity options.
Topmatsxxl Best CAD/CAM machinery
Best CAD/CAM machinery
We are the only one in the world to cut computer-controlled precisely.
Topmatsxxl Easy money
Easy money
Just build a webshop that sells. We take care of all the rest.
Topmatsxxl Reliable partner for 25+ years
Reliable partner for 25+ years
We have been active as a reliable partner in several industries for over 25 years.
Topmatsxxl Real professionals
Real professionals
All we see, produce, cut and sell are industrial protection mats.
Topmatsxxl The biggest. The best.
The biggest. The best.
We are the largest and the best in custom industrial protection mats.
Topmatsxxl Driven by heart
Driven by heart
We think it's great that our protective mats solve problems worldwide.
We produce the best ‘Frosted’ protective mat. Exclusively available at topmatsxxl.com. Often imitated, but never duplicated. In addition to ‘Frosted’ we also supply other types in 3, 4, 5 and 7 mm thickness. We got it all set up for you: huge stocks, automated production, quality checkpoints, neutral packaging and worldwide drop-shipment options. We provide a ready-to-use plugin for web resellers and an API with live data and on-the-go price and shipping calculations for high-end partners. Need more?

We love putting money on your bank account. At the end of each time period, we wire transfer the agreed percentage of your turnover. Simple as that. Have you dreamed of becoming rich while sleeping? This might be your moment. We cut to size with a fully custom build CAD/CAM cutting table of massive proportions. This allows us to cut to the millimeter, which is a unique selling point. It makes cutting the mats really comfortable and is therefore greatly appreciated by our staff.

We love what we do. Our passionate staff gets up every day to get the most out of the day for our customers and resellers. Not because we have to, but because we want to



Are you interested in an OEM partnership or reselling our high quality protective mats? Do not hesitate to send a message. We are happy to inform you about all the options and explore further opportunities. Hope to hear from you soon.

The original

Often imitated, never duplicated

We are proud of what we do. Probably just like you. After years of investing, researching and developing we finally feel like we've reached the pinnacle of quality in protective mats. 'TopmatsXXL' equals 'quality'. It's as simple as that. We added a subtle quality stamp to the mats. As a proof that you - as a proud craftman - are only dealing with the best. Don't settle for less.