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large customised cutting mat.

Clear Blue


Supreme matt surface
  • - Best look and feel
  • - Anti-glare
  • - Easy peel
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most sold exclusive product
Clear Blue


Reduced electrostatics
  • - Basic appearance
  • - Less shocks
  • - Less dust
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Clear Blue


Basic product
  • - Best price
  • - Great quality
  • - Several thicknesses
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Our large customised cutting mats are a comfortable base to work on. They keep your knives sharp for longer and protect your application or work table from being damaged. As a result of the so-called "self-healing" properties of the customised cutting mat, the blade does not follow awkward old cutting lines, as with a wooden surface. Our cutting mats are used worldwide in the sign-making industry. The large cutting mats are custom-made and therefore always fit your application or work table.

TopmatsXXL mat aplicator table



Topmatsxxl Custom size cutting mat
Custom size cutting mat
We supply all cutting mats customized to fit. The production is carried out using a unique, custom-made CAD/CAM cutting table.
Topmatsxxl Self-healing cutting mats
Self-healing cutting mats
Due to the so-called self-healing properties of the material, the blade no longer follows the old routes.
Topmatsxxl Anti-reflection
The matte surface of the Frosted is the solution against annoying reflections from light sources.
Topmatsxxl Custom size and XXL
Custom size and XXL
All mats are cut to the desired size up to a maximum of 20 meters long.
Topmatsxxl Supreme matt surface
Supreme matt surface
Our 'Frosted' protective mat has the best matte surface available.
Topmatsxxl Easy adhesive peel
Easy adhesive peel
Due to the matte surface of the mat stickers are not immediately stuck.
Cutting mat Topmatsxxl



  • Bobis
  • Bubble-Free
  • CWT-Worktools
  • Easty
  • EZ Roller
  • Fayon
  • GBC Seal
  • Kala
  • Lamidesk
  • Magic Mount MM
  • ModuleMounter
  • Mounter's Mate
  • Rapid Applicator
  • RiteRoller
  • Rollover
  • RollsRoller
  • Roll-X
  • Signmaster
  • VRoller
"I have been using the Frosted 5 mm cutting mat from TopmatsXXL for years. It is also double-sided. There will be no other for me now".



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Are the cutting mats transparent?
What are cutting mats made of?
What are self-healing cutting mats?
How to use a cutting mat?
What is the maximum size of a cutting mat?
Why do you cut the mats to size with CAD/CAM?
Does the cutting mat fit on every application and work table?
What is the best choice for a cutting mat with matte surface?
Are there also any toxic substances in the cutting mats?
I see more blue cutting mats online, what is the situation with that?
Workbench mat Topmatsxxl
Workbench mat Topmatsxxl



Clear Blue Frosted Clear Blue AntiStatic Clear Blue Standard
"Self healing" surface V V V
Without harmful plasticizers V V V
Resistant to chemical liquids V V V
Translucent / transparent V V V
Ionized material / antistatic V
Matte surface V
Reduced sticker adhesion V
Reduced light reflection V
"I have been using the Frosted cutting mat from TopmatsXXL for years. Stickers that are accidentally dropped are not immediately stuck in place due to the fine embossed surface. My knives last much longer and it looks great.”



Topmatsxxl Frosted
The 'Frosted' version is transparent and has a matt surface due to a very fine relief. This prevents hindering reflections and reduces the heavy attaching of decals. It is still possible though to use underlying ruler guides. All our mats are liquid-tight, easy to clean.
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most sold exclusive product
Topmatsxxl AntiStatic
The 'AntiStatic' edition is identical to the 'Standard' edition, except from the the fact that this variant underwent a specialized ionization proces. This treatment reduces static shocks with approximately 80%.
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Topmatsxxl Standard
The 'Basic' edition. Bright light-blue colored, transparant and with a slick, smooth surface. 'Standard' mats are - just like the other variants - perfect for underlying ruler guides. Our mats are liquid-tight, so they're easy to clean.
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The original

Often imitated, never duplicated

We are proud of what we do. Probably just like you. After years of investing, researching and developing we finally feel like we've reached the pinnacle of quality in protective mats. 'TopmatsXXL' equals 'quality'. It's as simple as that. We added a subtle quality stamp to the mats. As a proof that you - as a proud craftman - are only dealing with the best. Don't settle for less.